QuantQollect guides you to the right collection action at the right moment

Did you know that:

  • QuantQollect is able to predict late payment and delinquency in over 85% of the cases?
  • By using QuantQollect you are able to minimize your write off’s and decrease your cost of collection up to 50%?
  • QuantQollect will improve your cash flow position directly?
  • QuantQollect can predict up to 90% of customers, whose current payment behavior would not be seen as problematic and hence not lead to any enhanced actions, but enter into default some three months later?

From Predictive Power to Prescriptive Power

  • Based on our Predictive Power we define default strategies or advise you how to build up your own collection strategies.
  • Let the workflow choose the priorities to tackle first, don’t worry about effectiveness anymore.
  • Monitor the effectiveness together with us, we deliver full transparency!


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Price Apply version € 3.000 per license per year ex VAT.

Price Develop version € 3.900 per license per year ex VAT.