QuantQollect guides you to the right collection action at the right moment

Did you know that:

  • QuantQollect is able to predict late payment and delinquency in over 85% of the cases?
  • By using QuantQollect you are able to minimize your write off’s and decrease your cost of collection up to 50%?
  • QuantQollect will improve your cash flow position directly?
  • QuantQollect can predict up to 90% of customers, whose current payment behavior would not be seen as problematic and hence not lead to any enhanced actions, but enter into default some three months later?

From Predictive Power to Prescriptive Power

  • Based on our Predictive Power we define default strategies or advise you how to build up your own collection strategies.
  • Let the workflow choose the priorities to tackle first, don’t worry about effectiveness anymore.
  • Monitor the effectiveness together with us, we deliver full transparency!

How does it work?

  • QuantQollect employs the power of advanced statistical analysis on your invoice data: your data will be uploaded automatically by default settings of your Credit Management software.
  • QuantQollect will turn the raw data real time into meaningful variables, test each variable for its predictive value, and create a collection scorecard
  • The aim of the collection scorecard is to predict future bad paying customers, by exploiting the past and current payment performance of each customer
  • By simply submitting your invoice file regularly, you can obtain an updated score for each customer, hereby taking the latest invoice information into consideration.
  • The score will lead to either a specific defined workflow or a specific action within the current workflow.
  • This approach will help you to take the right action in collecting your money from your customer at the right time.

Benefits from using QuantQollect

  • Deploy collection strategies in line with the expected credit profile of your customers towards the future.
  • Identify potential delinquent payers well in advance
  • Minimize losses through an accelerated dunning process for clients with poor expected payment performance
  • Drive efficiencies and effectiveness in the collection department through a better allocation of resources across the customer base
  • Optimize the client relationships though overlaying the credit profile with the importance of a customer to the company
  • Drive and manage pro-actively at all times in the collection process
  • Leads to a steady cash flow and healthy working capital at all times and drives corporate results


Map correct column name to expected columns and format. Press “Create model”



Select classes size. Class C1 = immediate action needed.

Find QuantQollect data input specifications here